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A description of the search fields follows:

Search for:

Enter one or more words describing what you are searching for. To group words, enclose them within double or single quotes.

Case sensitive:

If checked, the search will only match words that match EXACTLY with respect to case. For example, entering 'Roundabout' with the Case sensitive box checked will not pick up an instance of 'roundabout'. If, in the same example, the box is unchecked, instances such as 'roundabout' or 'rouNDabout' will be matched.

Logical operator:

There are three options available: AND, OR, and PHRASE. If AND is selected, all back issues that contain ALL searched words will be selected. If OR is selected, any back issue containing ANY of the words will be selected. PHRASE will select only those back issues which bear all of the searched words all together as a phrase. NOTE: Selecting PHRASE will take all words being searched in order, ignoring quote characters.

Remember, group (using quotes or PHRASE) words used together such as song titles or names. This should narrow the results down even more. Also, use case sensitivity when possible if searching for names.

You want to find... search for field Logical Operator
What is Jon singing at the end of To Be Over? "end of to be over" lyric or 'to be over lyric' AND
What are the spoken words in the solo of It Can Happen? 'it can happen' solo AND
What about anybody named Igor or Khoroshev? igor khoroshev or Igor Khoroshev (w/case checked) OR
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